Privacy Policy

Internet privacy is the most important activity at Revuesoft. Please read below and understand the privacy policy of Revuesoft. This privacy policy is not static and will keep on updated based on the business trend and our customer service.

Through this website, Revuesoft may require some of your personal information like your name, email id, contact numbers etc., Most of these requirements are mandatory to get the information about our products and services or send your comments, suggestions and feedback. Also, the site request to send the resumes online or through email. All these personal information and resumes are maintained strictly confidential at Revuesoft. The information neither shared with anybody nor the resumes distributed with any consultants or employment agencies. Users of this site have the sole discretion to disclose this information to Revuesoft and not a compulsion.

There are some terms and conditions to the users of this website. This terms and conditions are not static and keep on updated and the users of our website have to agree these conditions before accessing the information in the site. Users of this website may view or copy the information available and must use only for personal use and not for commercial purpose. If anyone wants to change the information in the site and come to the knowledge of Revuesoft, we have the rights to take action against these illegal activities. Reproducing the website contents in any form is strictly prohibited, until unless the users have an agreement with Revuesoft for such activities.

Revuesoft is having the complete ownership for the name of the company, the caption, logos and other product names. The users of this website are not having any rights to use these materials without having an agreement with us. Also, we are not responsible for any wrong information, mistakes or damages caused through the third party links available in our site, and these kind of links are available just to give or update more information about something which are not available in our site.

Revuesoft reserves the right to change the privacy statement at any time without prior notice. If you have any queries about the privacy policy of the our website, please send an email to