CampuSmart, Revuesoft's flagship ERP, an end to end University Management Solution, that can fulfil all of the Operational and management needs of any size University or Educational Institution. CampuSmart is a comprehensive, integrated, customizable, and user-friendly ERP, ideal for Educational institutions like Universities, Autonomous Colleges, IITs, IIMs etc., CampuSmart has a total of 13 modules , like University and College management , Distance Education, Library, Hostel, Transport etc., Considering and analyzing various business processes, workflows and functional requirements, CampuSmart ERP has been flavoured with two versions viz., Business & Enterprise, designed to match the requirements of the University and easily customisable based on the process requirements. CampuSmart ERP can be configured suitably and implemented quickly, which in turn enhances the Quality of service and improves employee performance and productivity which directly contributes to the growth and development of the organisation.