BuildTrack , Revuesoft's flagship Mobile App, BuildTrack is a smart Mobile app which is developed to track, manage and monitor the Infrastructure projects under regular and the Public private partnership mode. BuildTrack covers the entire Life Cycle of the Infrastructure Projects starting from the Tenders stage till the project completion and maintenance. The updated status information of the projects can be viewed anytime as the information will be updated periodically from the project location by the users. Project’s total operations and maintenance can be efficiently managed through the mobile app. Project status that is updated through the app live from the project location can be accessed and viewed by the Government Authorities and Partner management companies. This enables a clear and unadulterated information of the project which leads for more transparent operations and development of the nation. BuildTrack is useful not only for live updates and tracking of the project progress but also in the payments to the Contractors in various stages of the project which helps in a smooth progress of the project.